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SSRS Indicator control and negative percentage


It seems the SSRS Indicator does not like negative percentages. I have a client who is trying to get the variance to goals calculations. The calculations are (Actual Sales – Sales Goals) / Sales Goals. Guess what sometimes the Actual Sales are lower than the Sales Goals. So, they do get negative numbers. They wanted to display red when the values are between -90% to -10%. Yellow when the values are -10% to 0%. And anything above 0 should be green. When I used percentage on the indicator I was getting green all the time because it seems SSRS ignores the negative numbers.


Just don’t convert it to percentage. Just get the calculation value as it is and make the indicator go against the numbers. For the range values you enter -0.90 to -0.10 for red, -0.10 to -0 is yellow and 0 to 100 is green.

Problem solved! Customer is happy! Me happy!

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Posted by on May 11, 2011 in SQL Reporting Services