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SharePoint Search Sort By dropdown gives a Javascript error

Problem: On the Search results page you have the Search Action Links to display the sort options. Whenever you click on the field to sort on it gives you a Javascript.

Resolution: Make sure your Search box is on the Search Results page.

If you have customized Master Page make sure that you are displaying the Search box. Even if it is hidden you will get the Javascript error. If it is deleted please insert the web part back on the page.

Not sure how the sort by is tied with Search Box web part. 🙂


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Having issues with adding SharePoint 2010 WebControls to your custom web part

You try to add SharePoint WebControl to your custom web part. You don’t seem to see the web part under the Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls Namespace.
The issue is that the WebControls do not work on Sandbox Solutions.

Follow these steps the change your existing project to turn the project off as Sandbox solution –
1. Click on the project and check the properties window or press F4.
2. On Properties you will change the value of Sandboxed Solution property to False.

Once the above changes are done now you can use the SharePoint Web Controls on your web part.

Happy Coding….

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